Bridesmaids gifts – Bee inspired

Bridesmaid gifts If you’re seeking inspiration for the perfect bridesmaids gift, look no further.  Say “thank you” with a beautiful bespoke Lydia’s Bees pendant.

Just like the honey bee, who works all day to serve her queen, seemingly serene and never rushed or flustered, your bridesmaids have walked beside you through all the months of planning that have brought you to your big day, supporting you just when you need it most.

On the day itself, they surround their queen ready to serve your every need; so show them just how much you appreciate them with the most perfectly appropriate gift – a Lydia’s Bees bee pendant.

Bee jewellery bridesmaids gifts

Modelled on the astonishing, amazing, can’t-live-without-them worker bee, our bees will show your bridesmaids just how much you appreciate all their hard work.

Starting at just £70, for a mini bee pendant in solid sterling silver, and handcrafted in Cheshire to a unique design, it’s will show your best of friends just how wonderful you think she is.  Or what about a small but perfectly formed pendant in solid gold?  Choose from rose gold or yellow gold, or even silver with yellow gold!