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Who is Christopher Evans, Master Goldsmith?
Christopher Evans is a master goldsmith with many years of creative expression and handcrafting fine jewellery in precious metals and gemstones of all types, colours and sizes.

He has personally designed every piece within the Lydia's Bees bee jewellery collection and each one is then handcrafted in silver or gold to ensure it achieves the levels of perfection he demands from all his work.

The goldsmith's art

Chris works first using a pencil and paper, where he sketches multiple drawings, until he is satisfied that he has created just what he was seeking.  When making fine jewellery - such as engagment rings, dress rings, brooches, bangles, bracelets or earrings - he then presents these to the client, who has the opportunity to discuss any amendments or changes they might like.

Once he is satisfied with his design, he then uses state-of-the-art CAD design tools to create a 3D, full colour version of the final piece.  This allows him to personally assess how the jewellery will work on the wearer, and allow the client to really understand the final piece they have commissioned.

This isn't the last chance for the client to see their piece, however.  Christopher has invested in technology that allows him to create a wax model of the finished piece, which is approved before he moves on to completing the actual piece.

Of course, for Lydia's Bees Christopher was his own client; this gave him a great deal of personal satisfaction and his perfectionist nature really came to the fore!

The final results are, we think you'll agree, quite bee-autiful!

Something just for you

So, now you know the process, you can feel perfectly assured that when you buy a piece of bee jewellery from Lydia's Bees, you'll have yourself a truly beautiful, lovingly made, high quality piece of jewellery that will make you happy for years to come.  And as Christopher is a goldsmith who can pretty much do whatever you want, if there's something extra you want, or a design that's uniquely yours - just call us, we'd be delighted to serve!